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setting up my list

Are you lost not knowing which email service provider is right for your business? Overwhelmed with the tech stuff of adding forms to your website? Want professional emails that align with your branding?

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growing my list

Grow your mailing list with highly engaged subscribers. Learn how to nurture them with a personalized approach and watch them turn into loyal customers that will keep your business flourishing.


creating campaigns

With monthly services to generate content ideas and creative emails reflective of your brand, list management, and campaign analysis, it’s like having a marketing specialist on staff at a fraction of the cost.


Business ownership is a long journey of hard work,
challenges and unfortunately, costly mistakes.

One-on-one consulting can get you on the fast track to reaching your goals by using proven strategies from a business owner who has done it.

I’m Jordana Randolph.

I brought my crazy big dreams to life.

I created and managed a thriving handbag business for 14 years.

Now I am eager to use my experiences to help you create strategies, find solutions and grow your product-based business into the business of your dreams.