Instagram marketing can boast great results for product-based businesses.

It’s an effective vehicle for new customers to find you, for you to communicate your brand story and is a means to connect with your customers.

These great results don’t just happen, though.

I already tried that. I’d thoughtlessly post photos because I felt guilty for not posting in several days. Most of my posts were pushing for sales rather than connecting with my audience.

My account was stagnant and produced pathetic results.

I decided to commit to Instagram. After researching, testing and tweaking, I found an effective strategy.

In the video below I’m sharing 25 tips for growing your Instagram following. They’re all tested strategies and have produced consistent growth and engagement.

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Which of these tips was a totally new idea to you that you’ll be implementing this week?

25 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Following

Sell Your Products Through a Shoppable Link On Instagram

Make it easy for customers to shop